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Add/Link Salesforce Users

Adding users from your Salesforce account and linking users from your Salesforce account to your Spinify users is super simple. Read on to get to your Spinify app and add / Link users.


1) Log in to your Salesforce Admin Account

2) Switch to the Spinify App

Salesforce Lightning

  • Go to the App Launcher
  • Select the "Spinify" app

Salesforce Classic

  • Choose the App Dropdown
  • Select the "Spinify" app.

3) Go to the Users Page

  • Click "Spinify Setup"
  • then, select "Setup Users" in the "Manage Users" box

4) Add/Link Users

On this page, you can see all users that are in your Spinify account.

Link Users

If there are any users in your Spinify account that are not linked to a Salesforce user with a matching email address, then you can click 'link user' on their row in the 'Action' column.


Add New Users

  • To add users from your Salesforce account to your Spinify account click 'Add User'
  • Lookup a Salesforce user and choose their license
  • Click the 'Save' button once you have chosen your user and their license

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