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Coaching Tools For Players


Coaching is a major part of your Spinify experience. After all, encouraging motivated performance is what we're all about! Your manager may also use Spinify's coaching Tools to help you reach (and even exceed!!) your targets. Let's take a look at the different options and how you can access them as a player.


What are Notes?

Notes are completely private and only accessible to you. They're an awesome way to prepare for your Meetings! You could make a note as a reminder to yourself when there's a significant change in your performance, make notes about a meeting you just had, or jot down topics and ideas to talk with your manager about in your next meeting!

How to Create & View Notes

Your notes are accessible on your User Dashboard. Simply click "Coaching", and you'll be able to add a note and update it as needed




What are Tasks?

Perhaps your manager has identified an area of improvement, had a meeting with you, and now they want you to focus on improving that area. Or maybe there's a particular job or activity you need to complete or overcome?! Enter Tasks

How to View/Update Tasks

  • You'll find your tasks on your Player Dashboard. To view your Tasks Click on the Coaching tab.


  • To Create a New Task, Click "Add a Task"
  • to Update an Existing Task, select the three verticle dots and click Edit to update accordingly.


  • You can view any tasks in "Done" status in the Completed sub-tab.


📊Performance Grids

What are Performance Grids?

A Performance Grid sorts you and your teammates into quadrants based on their performance. This will help your managers map your team's performance and identify coaching opportunities to uplift your activities and outcomes.

How to View Performance Grids

You can find your Performance Grids under the Coaching tab on your Player Dashboard


To view a Performance Grid, simply select the down arrow to expand.



📈Leaderboard Graphs

What are Leaderboard Graphs?

Leaderboard Graphs are an excellent way to keep track of your own performance. The Leaderboard graphs will give you insight into how the real data is tracking against the targets and how many targets have been reached over time by both the team as a whole and on an individual level.

How to View Leaderboard Graphs

All you need to do to access your Leaderboard Graphs is to click on any competition on your Player Dashboard! So easy!



📇Player Score Cards

What are Score Cards?

While Admins can see a more detailed version of your performance, you can gain insights using Player Score Cards. Player Score Cards show an overview of players, their points and tiers, and how they are performing toward their next tier. These are particularly useful for identifying trends in the players' performance.

How to View Score Cards

To view your Score Card overview, click on the Users icon on the left-hand menu.



🎓Want to learn more about Coaching? Register here to access Spinify Academy!🎓