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Competition Status

Once you create some competitions in your MySpinify account, they have each an associated status. Each of these is part of the life cycle of the competition.

You can toggle between your competitions that are in different statuses using the drop-down on the right of the Competitions page.



When creating competitions, you can save them to be draft. Competitions in draft status won't count any scores or show on the TV till you activate them.


These are the Competitions that have not started yet. They'll have a start time still in the future. Once they have started they will move across to the Active list.


These are your running/live competitions. Any competition in this status is available to put on your TV and will be able to get scores.


Competitions in Completed status have already ended. You can view the completed Competition on the Reporting page.
You can only view, clone, or delete completed Competitions.

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