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How to Add a Custom Field to Your JIRA Integration

To add new Jira fields to the sync to use in your competitions or achievements, please follow these instructions.

Retrieve Jira Details

First, find the ID for the field you'd like to add your integration in Jira:

  1. Administration > Issues > Custom Fields
  2. Then hovering over the "Edit" button for the "Story Points" field (under the "cog" icon at the right) a numeric ID will be displayed at the end of the URL for that link.

Update Spinify

To add the field, you will simply need to contact our support team via chat and provide us with the following values:

  • Field name
  • Field Id
  • Custom Field Type (eg Number Field, Text Field, Select List, URL Field, etc)

*Complete list of Custom Field Types available here (in the table titled "Std. Custom Field Types")

*To view what custom fields look like in the REST API response, please see this article

Then we'll add the field to your integration, and then the data in your custom field will begin syncing over into MySpinify.