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How to Add External User IDs

Not all apps that you integrate with Zapier will send through an email address as the owner field on events.  If the app you'd like to integrate Spinify with only sends user IDs, then we can still help you set up your Zap so it will work!

After you've created your users in MySpinify, simply create a spreadsheet and set it up like so:

  1. In one column, list your user's user IDs from the external integration.
  2. In another column, list their corresponding email address for their account in MySpinify.

Once your spreadsheet is complete, click the “💬 Help” icon on the bottom right of this page to chat with our Customer Success Team. During the chat, you'll be able to attach the spreadsheet to the conversation. We'll add the external users for you, and then they'll be ready to use with your integration!

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