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How to Create Competition Achievements

Competition achievements work like any other achievement. Except, in this case, they apply to events that happen on an active leaderboard instead of data that syncs to Spinify.


Follow these steps to create a new leaderboard achievement:

  • Go to the Announcements icon
  • Click 'Create Achievement'
  • Select which Achievement Type you'd like to create
  • In the Trigger section, select 'Leaderboard Reaches a Percentage of Target', 'Leaderboard Reaches Score' or 'Leaderboard Score Increases'
  • Optionally, customize the filter condition that will trigger the achievement
  • Select the leaderboard you'd like the achievement to apply to (or leave on all leaderboards if you'd like the achievement to apply to all of your running competitions)


Dash Update.Amount Changed  - this will display the difference between your old score and new score example: For example: if your old score was 2 and your new score is 5 on a leaderboard. This variable will display 3. 

Dash Update.DashName - Name of the leaderboard

Dash Update.LastPosition - Last position you were in

Dash Update.LastUpdated - Date of the last updated score 

Dash Update.MeasureEventType - This will pull where the data is syncing from eg: Excel, VaultRE

Dash Update.Owner - Record owner: this variable can pull in the players' email or ID it is better to use the variable User.FirstName if you would like to display a Player or Team name

Dash Update.OwnerType - This will display whether the owner of the record is an individual player or a part of a team

Dash Update.Participants Joined - A players place in a competition out of the total number of participants

Dash Update.Percentage to Target - how far you are from the target 

Dash Update.Position - what position you are in

Dash Update.Score - what your new score is 

Dash Update.Score Units - This will display the Record Type example: Deals, Listings, Calls etc

Then, continue to customize your achievement like any other. To learn more about setting up your achievements, see: What Are Achievements

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