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How to Create Prize Wheels

What are Prize Wheels?

You can use a Prize Wheel to reward your staff randomly! You can choose who to add to your prize wheel and name your prizes! For example, this is a great incentive if you're feeling spontaneous, or rewarding one of the top 5 performers at the end of the week.


How to Create a Prize Wheel

1. Access Achievements

  • Log into your MySpinify account
  • From the left-hand menu click the "Announcements" icon and navigate to the Prize Wheels tab:
  • Click the "Create Prize Wheel" button at the top right of the page
  • Fill out the form to set up your Prize Wheel

Prize Wheel Title

  • You can either use Spinify Sidekick to help you create a name and prize idea for your prize wheel based on your budget category
  • Or, if you'd prefer to create your own, enter a Title and description for your Prize Wheel, this will display at the top of the screen when displayed on the TV


  • Choose which team members will be on the Prize Wheel, any of these could win the prize


  • Enter as many or as few prizes as you like. You can enter the same prize name multiple times to increase the chances of winning it.


If you have already set up your channels you can choose them here. Then, when you spin the Prize Wheel, it will display on any TV's showing those channels. 

If you have not set up your channel yet, you can do so after you finish creating your Prize Wheel. See: TV Channels


Next Step

Once set up you have a few options:
☸️Click on "Spin Wheel" or "Create Prize Wheel". The wheel will be sent to the selected channels, spin immediately and the winner displayed.

💾Click on "Save for Later". You can then come back at any time to the list of Prize Wheels, edit the previously created Prize Wheel and click on "Spin Wheel".


Achievement Notifications

There is a pre-configured achievement called Prize Wheel that will automatically handle sending out notifications about who won the prize. You can choose to add it to a Channel or have it send a notification via email or the mobile app, just like any achievement. See: What are Achievements

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