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How to Deactivate an Integration with Spinify

Note: Before deactivating an integration know that any Competition or Achievement that is running or scheduled will no longer be updated.

*If you are deactivating google sheets and reactivating the same account, the competition will need to be recreated for new updates to appear.

1. Go to the Integrations Page

  • Log into your MySpinify account
  • From the top-right menu click "Settings"
  • You should automatically land on the Integrations section, but double-check by ensuring the "Integrations" tab is highlighted in orange

2. Deactivate the integration

  • Locate the integration on the page that you want to remove. 
  • Click the "Actions" button
  • Select "Deactivate"
  • Select "Deactivate Integration" and the integration will stop updating data in Spinify.