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How To Get A Valid YouTube Link

To get a valid YouTube link:

Start by bringing up YouTube, then search or browse for the video you'd like to use.

From there, click "Share" under the video, this will bring up the sharing modal:

Note: You can also set a custom start time for your video by ticking the checkbox next to 'Start at' and setting the time

Next, click COPY to copy the link into your clipboard. You can now use this link for a Celebration Video in Spinify.

Setting YouTube as a User's Default Celebration

If you would like to use the YouTube video as your users' default celebration, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the User's Page
  2. Select the Edit Pencil on the row of the User you're applying the video to
  3. Scroll down to Celebration Video
  4. Select Music Video
  5. Select Custom YouTube URL
  6. Set your start time, if you want to
  7. Paste in your YouTube URL in the "Paste YouTube URL Here" box