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How to Integrate with Box + Dice

After creating your Spinify Account, you will want your data to come across from Box + Dice automatically. You can get your Spinify account integrated with Box + Dice in just a couple of steps.

1. Go to the integrations page

  • Log into your MySpinify account
  • From the top-right menu click "Settings"
  • You should automatically land on the Integrations section, but double-check by ensuring the "Integrations" tab is highlighted in orange

2. Connect Box+Dice with Spinify

  • Choose "Connect" on the Box+Dice Integration tile

3. Follow the Instructions to Get Your API Key

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Choose a reason to contact'
  3. Select 'Support'
  4. Fill out the form and request your organization's API Key
  5. Box + Dice will contact you and provide you with your API Key
  6. Copy the API Key

4. Connect Box + Dice with Spinify

  • Move back to the MySpinify page where you have the pop-up window open

if you closed it simply follow the instructions from Step 1. 

  • Paste the API key into the pop-up window that you got from Step 3.
  • Complete the URL for your Box + Dice account by filling in your organization name.
  • Click the "Activate" button

Your Spinify is now configured to sync details from Box + Dice

  • You can now create a Competition with Box+Dice details.