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Integrate Your Data Through The FTP Integration

Do you use a CRM that Spinify doesn't integrate with? You can still get the amazing benefits that Spinify offers by automatically pushing your data to a CSV file that is uploaded to our FTP servers.

Follow this simple guide to get any CRM setup with Spinify, and remember we're always here to help.

1. Create an FTP integration

Set up your FTP integration. You can get your FTP login details by contacting Spinify Support, the connection is over SFTP using an SSH key pair so you will need an SSH public key to provide to Spinify Support as part of the setup.

2. Create a CSV file to track your data

Create a new CSV file. Make sure you include columns for both the users' email address and their score(s).

3. Setup your CRM to upload your CSV file via FTP


Your development team may need to build a tool to forward your data to our FTP server. Spinify needs access to the user scores and emails so your tool should include those in the CSV file. How you calculate the scores based on your data is up to you.

If you require assistance or would like to chat with a professional at Spinify please don't hesitate to contact us.