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Integrating Spinify with Using Salesforce

Now that you've created your Spinify Account and connected Salesforce through our Salesforce App, you can link the conversation object with Spinify. This ensures that Gong conversations can be synced with Spinify. Alternatively, you can create a summary report in Salesforce with the Gong filters and connect it using our Salesforce Report feature.

Please follow the instructions below to connect Gong with the Salesforce App.

1) Optional

If you want to pull in fields of connected objects you can create a custom formula field with the name of the object. In the example below, we've pulled in the name of the opportunity associated with the Gong call. This is created on the Conversation object created once connected Gong with Salesforce. 


2) Create the Mapping Object

Open Spinify App in Salesforce and create a new Spinify mapping object called GongConversations.

If you are unfamiliar with how to create new objects, see: Creating Custom Objects.


Next, map the standard Gong Conversation fields and add additional fields that you created in step 1. Below is an example of the recommended fields:


Use in Competitions

Now that any new or edited Gong conversation will be synced with Spinify, they can be used in Competitions or Achievements. Some recommended uses include:

  • Leaderboard Competition on all Gong conversations held on Zoom.
  • Competitions on Gong conversations that happened at a particular Opportunity Stage.
  • Announcement celebrating any conversation where "our" talk time was less than 65%. An example of the trigger for this is below:


With the GongConversation object syncing across, you have lots of possibilities to celebrate great behavior, raise items you want to be changed, or create competitions to get better adoption and performance from the team!

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