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Salesforce Report Integration

How it works

The Salesforce Report integration connects Salesforce Reports that you have already created and turns them into Competitions. All you have to do is save the report in a Salesforce Report folder called "Spinify Reports".

Once your integration is complete, you can start creating your competitions. Simply choose a Summary Report from Salesforce and what score you want to track. Spinify will then automatically update the competition to match the scores on the report!

When to use it

This integration is great for turning a specific report into a competition. Take the summary data you're using as a manager and motivate your staff to improve their performance using Spinify's interactive Competitions, Achievements, and Messages!

Supported Integrations

The Spinify integration is available to the following editions of Salesforce:

💼Professional Edition (requires API access enabled).

🏢Enterprise Edition

♾️Unlimited Edition

🛠️Developer Edition

If you are using the Professional Edition without API access, or do not want to use API queries, you can use our Salesforce App, which is very lightweight and works with ALL editions of Salesforce. 

🎓Want to learn more about optimizing your Salesforce Reports Integration? Register here to access Spinify Academy!🎓