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Spinify Setup Assistance

🤷🏼‍♀️How is Data Linked?

Spinify connects to your app to pull in records to be used on Competitions and Achievements. Or you can use our 'Local Score' option to create a competition where you update the scores in Spinify manually, no integration is necessary for that.


👥Adding Users

Create users to access the app and display their scores in competitions. Note during the integration process some external apps will automatically create users for you.



Create a competition based on the goals you want your team to achieve. We tend to recommend splitting these between Activities and Outcomes to help drive performance.



A great way to engage your reps is to celebrate as they reach new milestones in a competition.  Set up Achievements to automate this celebration, including playing a song unique to the rep.



There are several types of messages to help build on your company culture and engage the reps to reach their targets.


📺Displaying on your TV

To start displaying your competitions, achievements, and messages on the TV, you will want to build a Channel.  You can then customize the content for as many TVs as you have.  The Channel will then provide you with a URL to be run in a browser on the TV.