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Perhaps you've identified an area of improvement, had a meeting with your employee, and now you would like them to focus on improving that area. Or maybe there's a particular job or activity you need your employee to complete or overcome?!

Enter Tasks!

You can set a Due Date for your staff member to complete the task, and you can both assign statuses to show the current state of the task; New, Working On It, Stuck, Review, and Done.

How to Create a Task
  • Log into your MySpinify Account
  • From the left-hand menu click the Coaching icon
  • You should automatically land on the Score Cards tab, but double-check by ensuring the "Score Cards" tab is highlighted in orange
  • Click on the player to view more information. 
  • Click on the Coaching tab
  • Click Create A Task
  • Set up your task with a name and due date, assign it to a user, set a status, and color code the task.
  • When you're happy with the setup, click Create Task
  • The task will now appear in the Players Tasklist

  • You can view Completed tasks by clicking on the Completed sub-tab.
Updating a Task
  • Click on the 3 verticle dots on the row of the task you need to update
  • Select Edit
  • Update the Task as needed and then select Update to save the changes

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