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Using Google Sheets to Create a Playbook

You can use your Google Sheets integration when you create a Playbook! Playbooks make using Spinify as simple as possible by generating pre-configured Competitions, Messages, and Achievements based on your goal, industry, or Role.

Follow the steps below to use your Google Sheets integration to create a Playbook in Spinify.

1. Choose Your Playbook

  • Select the Playbooks menu icon
  • Choose the Playbook that's right for you and select "Create"

2. Setup Your Playbook

  • Select the Users you'd like to include in your Playbook
  • Select Google Sheets as your integration
  • Download the Playbook Template File

3. Use the Template

    • Fill in the template, and ensure the email address matches the Users you have selected in Spinify
    • Log in to Google Drive and upload the template file
    • Refresh the spreadsheet list in Spinify
    • Select your sheet
    • Click 'Create Playbook'

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