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Videos & Sound Effects Not Working

Videos & Sound Effects Not Working

Ah, Technology! Sometimes it likes to give you the silent treatment! If you can't get any sounds to play from your TV, we recommend you try these steps:

💻Try Another Browser

We find Spinify, Videos, and Sounds work best on either a Chrome or Firefox browser. If you're using a different browser, try one of these. Otherwise, if you are already using Chrome or Firefox, try the alternative option.

📽️Visit YouTube

Sometimes if the Achievement shows a black screen instead of the intended video clip, it's likely because the browser is yet to register YouTube's autoplay settings. To fix this, simply visit and play any video on the site. Once done, your Spinify Achievement videos will play as expected.

TV Settings

🔇Ensure the TV is not muted by testing another audio source (for example, YouTube) 

Browser Settings

✅Ensure your browser version is up to date

🔈If you're using Chrome, please note that sometimes the browser only allows muted autoplay for videos. This prevents sounds from playing unless a site is specifically allowed to play sounds. To change these settings, please follow the steps below:

  1. In the browser go to: chrome://settings/content/sound?search=sound
  2. Click the add button next to Allow and enter, and click 'Add':


Using Chromecast or Chromebit?

✔️Ensure the Chromecast or Chromebit are up to date

🔌Restart or unplug the device to restart it.

📺Turn the TV off, then on again

Announcement for Achievement set to User's Achievement Sound?

👤Sounds will not play for any users that have not uploaded a custom sound

🔊Ensure all your users have a custom sound uploaded. Unsure how? See: How To Add Achievement Sounds For Users.

Still, Having Trouble?

If you're still having trouble with sounds, then the team at Spinify is here to help! Click the "💬 Help" icon on the bottom right of the page to chat with our Customer Success Team.