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What are Achievements

Achievements are an awesome way to announce significant events to your team!

For example, you may have a rep who has hit 80% of their daily call targets, perhaps a Big Fish client has been reeled in, or your team has closed a big sale on that mansion on the hill!


How are Achievements Used

You can use achievements to recognise individuals and teams for their accomplishments or progress through milestones!

Once created, you can display achievements:

📺On your TV

💻 In Slack

👩🏽‍💻In Microsoft Teams

🖥️As a Desktop Notification


📱In the Mobile App

Achievements show up on the TV and mobile app whenever the specified action occurs in the system. They will 'interrupt' the current leaderboard to show the details immediately. 

Note: Achievements can't be created from existing scores. For example, User A has a score of 10 on a leaderboard and you create an Achievement for having a score >= 5. User A will not get an Achievement as they already had a score >= 5 before the Achievement was created.
But, if User B had a score of 3 before the Achievement was created and then User B's score went to 6 after you have created your Achievement then User B will get an Achievement.

  Achievement Types

Take a look at the tutorial below to learn more about all of our Achievement types and which would be best for you!

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **

  Configuring Achievements

1. Access Achievements

  • Log into your MySpinify account
  • From the left-hand menu click the "Announcements" icon


You should automatically land on the Achievements page, but you can double-check by ensuring the Achievements tab is in orange, as below:


2. Selecting an Achievement

You can either click the pencil and 'edit' an existing achievement or click the 'Create Achievement' button in the top right:


3. Configuring an Achievement

Achievement Name

In this section, you can set an internal name to be used on the achievement page.


This section is similar to creating a competition goal. First, you choose the record type and then you can add filters to restrict the record. For example, if you want to celebrate big deals being won, you could choose Deals Won and then filter the amount to greater than $5000. Finally, you select the field on the record that indicates which rep is the owner.


Here you choose who will receive the achievement. You may want to send it to a customized list of users, or all of your users!


In this section, you can configure how your Achievement will look on the TV. You can modify the Title, Message and the content shown.  

When creating the Title and Message you can select the link "Add Tag" to insert text from the user/owner and the record.  For instance, you could include the owner's name, or the amount of the deal won.

If you have a look at the example Achievement at the top of this page you will notice the big chest on the right side as well as the thumbs up with the motivational text. You can also choose to hide or show the motivational text on the Achievement.



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Here you can select what image or video will be used as the background of your achievement. This allows your staff to easily recognize a specific Achievement. Just like you can when creating competitions, you can also upload a custom image if you like.
Note: If you upload an image and want it to fit nicely your image should be a 16:9 ratio. So a resolution of 1920x1080 is optimal.


Your achievement can also play an audio snippet when it comes up on the TV. It's a great way to engage and encourage your staff! For each achievement, you can either choose one of the default sounds, upload your own sound, or leave it to the User's Custom Achievement Sound. If you don't want a sound to play you can simply set the audio source as "None". If you need help finding the right sound, check out our Sound Effects guide.


  1. The first box is how long the achievement will keep showing on the TV. It will stay in the channels cycle for as long as you set it to live.
  2. The second box is the number of seconds it will be shown on the TV each time. By default, it will show on the TV for 45 seconds and then the next screen in the channel queue will show.
  3. The third box is the duration the Achievement will show for the first time it appears. The first time an Achievement shows is when it will play the Announcement sound.

E.G. In the below screenshot this would mean when an Achievement is created it will show for 60 seconds and then go to the next screen. Then each other time it shows in your channels cycle for the next 12 hours it will show for 15 seconds before going to the next screen



Just like competitions give points to winners, Achievements can also give points. If you have an achievement that is hard to get, such as a deal with Amount > $1000, then you may want to award lots of points to the user who closed the big deal.


You can choose to notify the player who got the Achievement, or the entire team to really celebrate the event! You can send the notification through desktop, via email or via mobile notification. If you've set up your integration with Spinify, you can also push the notification into Slack or Microsoft Teams!


This section allows you to add your Achievement into your channels without the hassle of editing them. For more information on channels check out our TV Channels help article.

Accounts have some Achievements by default. For a list of these check out the Pre-Configured Achievements help Article.

🎓Want to learn more about optimizing your Achievements? Register here to access Spinify Academy!🎓