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What are Badges?

Badges are a way of recording your team member's efforts, and showing other team members their colleague's accomplishments.

Much like you'd expect, badges are awarded for completing specific tasks and milestones.

How are Badges Used

Badges are awards that users can earn by completing a specific set of requirements based on getting a specific Achievement a set number of times within a given time period.

Each Badge has a name, description, requirements, and an image to represent it - all of these are customizable in MySpinify.

Configuring Badges 1. Access Badges
  • Log into MySpinify
  • From the left-hand menu click on the Gift box
  • Then click the "Badges" tab.
2. Selecting Badge

Either create a new badge by clicking the 'Add Badge' button:


Or edit an existing badge by clicking the edit icon next to the badge you'd like to update:


3. Configuring the Badge


You can use Sidekick to help you create names and descriptions of badges based on your desired persona:



In this section, you can configure a name and description for your Badge if you didn't use Sidekick. Generally, the description will tell the user why they got the badge, and the badge name will be something engaging/fun, such as "Call Adventurer" or "Super Seller".

Badge Image

Here, you will set an image to represent your Badge. This image will be shown on your user's profiles once they have earned the Badge.


This section is where you will set the requirements your users must meet to earn the Badge. You can configure this in one of two ways:

  • Manually Award Badge - This will mean any admin can give a user a badge manually without anything having to happen in MySpinify.
  • Achievement - You will choose the Achievement which will contribute to the Badge requirements and then select the trigger type. The trigger type can be how many times this Achievement must be earned and the time frame your users must complete the Achievement within in order to earn the Badge.

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