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What Can I Do As A Player?

As a Player, you have access to & the mobile app. These are great places to log in to check your position on leaderboards and to see your gamification stats, such as your newest Badge or Tier.

By visiting and clicking the login button in the top right menu or by simply going to you can get access to awesome information about how you are progressing in your company's Spinify account.

Score Card

The picture above is the Score Card screen and gives useful information such as how you are doing on the performance grid (If you do not have one ask your manager to create one). There are also the Competitions that you are part of that are currently running with information on how you are progressing and at the bottom of the page, you can find your gamification details such as your Tier, Points, and Badges!

Competitions and Users

If you would like to see more about your Spinify account, check out the competitions tab on the left for more details about your competitions or the users' page to compare yourself to everyone else's gamification progress (as above).

Update Details

  • Click your Avatar/Name in the top right of the screen. This will open a drop-down
  •  Click the option in the drop-down "My User"

Here you can see your User Details, Avatar and Achievement Sound. If you would like to update your avatar, you can choose one of the defaults or click "Choose File" to find your own.

You can also upload your own Achievement Sound. This is the song/sound that will play when you get an Achievement that is using "User Achievement Sound-

  • Once done, click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom

Mobile App

You can scan the QR Code on your phone, tablet, or iPad or click the relevant image below to download the app to your device:




For assistance logging into the app, check out How to Download and Login to our App! Have fun!!! For more info on other pages of the app check out:

🎓Want to learn more? Register here to access Spinify Academy's Player Courses!🎓