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What is a Tie and How Does it Work?

In certain situations, players in the same competition may have the same score at the end, this can result in a tie. A tie can occur based on the score of the player, or their percentage to target.

For example, if based on the score of player: Player A and Player B both had a score of 10 out of 10, they would both be 1st place. 


If based on percentage to target: Player A had a score of 9/10 while Player B had a score of 18/20, though Player B had a higher target, their attainment relative to their targets is the same, 90%, which results in a tie.

You can choose to enable ties or keep them disabled. If you don't enable the tie feature, then the player that reaches the specified target before anyone else will remain in 1st place for the duration of the competition. 


How to Enable Ties

Start by either creating a new competition or editing an existing one. You can enable ties at the very bottom of the Leaderboard section of the competition settings, as below: