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Why Use Competition Leaderboards?

Competitions provide immediate feedback to team members and focus them on the metrics that matter to your company. 


📈 Organizations want a clear and concise view of employee performance and their progress against business targets. Sophisticated data analytics, gamification principles, and motivational psychology techniques produce Competitions that provide immediate feedback for employees to see and act upon. This is especially valuable if they are falling behind in activity levels and target achievement. Our Competition Leaderboards also provide feedback to managers on what remedial action may be required (coaching or training) to ensure employees are equipped for higher levels of performance and productivity. 

🤝 Organizations want to engage staff and motivate them to do more. According to research from Gallup, 70% of employees are disengaged from their daily tasks and employer. Gamification and healthy competition enhance engagement and motivation. Engaged employees are 31% more productive, sell 37% more, and are 3x as creative as disengaged staff. Companies with engaged staff can outperform their competitors by up to 202%.

🥳 Organizations want an easy and consistent way to celebrate employee performance and reinforce the company recognition culture. Easy-to-set-up leaderboards help companies share performance results across a team, an office, or a company environment. Inbuilt triggers celebrate people throughout the competition and highlight winners for all to see. Everyone can participate in the celebration. Visible performance information reinforces a transparent company culture, which is great for business and trust.

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