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Introducing Your Team to Spinify

Introducing your team to new systems, platforms, and technology can be daunting. But the good news is Spinify makes it fun! 🥳

Here are a couple of tips for getting you started and your team onboarded with Spinify quickly and efficiently:

Setup Your Users:

Start by setting up your users. You can check out how to do so below:

Invite Your Users to Spinify Academy:

Once you've added your users, the next step will be to get them enrolled in Spinify Academy. No need to spend time teaching your team how to use Spinify; you've got enough on your plate! Let Spinify Academy do the work for you and show your team how to get started and make the most out of Spinify!

There are two learning tracks for players in Spinify Academy:

  • Onboarding: to learn the basics and get up and running
  • Level Up: to take their Spinify experience and performance to the next level!

You can even find an email template below that you can send out to your users, inviting them to Spinify Academy!

Email Template

Hey there Team!

Guess what? We've got some seriously exciting news to share! We've officially started using Spinify - a super cool gamification platform that's going to help us track our targets and goals in a fun and engaging way. With Spinify, you can compete with your colleagues and earn recognition for your amazing work - all while having a blast!🥳 

You should have already received an invitation to join Spinify and create your account. Once you've got that set up using your work email and password, it's time to enroll in Spinify Academy. There, you'll learn all about how to use the platform, navigate its features like a pro, and, most importantly, bring your A-game to work!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Spinify Academy now, and let's start having some serious fun smashing our targets and achieving our goals!

Let's do this!🙌