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What Is A Fan?

Fans can view competitions, celebrate their birthdays or anniversary, comment on the achievements of players and teams, and ring the Gong!

To add a fan, set the license type of the user to "Fan" when you're adding a user. Please see the article How to Add a User for information on how to do so.

To view a competition, you must add a fan to the Competition. How to add view-only participants to a competition explains how this can be done.

To celebrate their birthday/anniversary, simply enter the relevant details on their profile page when you're setting up the user and make sure there is an achievement to celebrate birthdays. The article How to add birthday celebrations will explain how to set the achievement up.

A fan can use the Chrome extension activity feed, the activity feed on the overview page within Spinify, or the mobile app to add comments to any achievement.

A fan can ring the Gong by selecting the gong option from the left side menu, following the directions in the article How To Ring The Gong.